Descendants of WWII & Post WWII Association

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F & Q


  1. Where do you meet on ANZAC Day?

    The Descendants of Veterans WWII and Post WWII will form up on King St near Pitt St Mall East. We will be displaying our full size organisation banner kindly donated by Ashfield RSL. Go to our ANZAC Day page for more information.


  2. What can I wear on ANZAC Day?

    It is expected that participants dress suitably for a remembrance march. This is not a parade and as is customary, we expect our members to be respectfully dressed. There are to be no thongs, sweatshirts or tracksuit pants(i.e. casual clothing). We recommend people to be dressed in smart attire. Perhaps consider how the Veterans themselves dress and aim for similar. Please ask beforehand if you have queries regarding dress standards. If you are deemed to be not suitably attired the DOVWWII Committee or a March Marshal can refuse you the opportunity to March.


  3. Can I drive my car to the City for the March?

    Yes you can but we highly recomend that you do take public transport as it is free to Veterans and Descendants wearing Medals.

  4. Can I and my Son march for my father and his Grandfather?

    No. Only one Descendant may March for one Veteran. This is a rule put in place by NSW RSL and the ANZAC Day March Committee. The Descendants of Veterans WWII & Post WWII Association does police this rule & you could be asked to step out of the March by one of the Marshals or a Committee Member.

  5. Can I hold a Photograph of my forefather during the March?

    No. This is a policy of the NSW RSL and the ANZAC Day March Committee that no photographs are to be held by a Descendant or Veteran as this is a Remberance March and not a funeral procession. If a Member is found to be holding a photo of their forefather they will be reminded by a Committee Member that this is not allowed.

  6. Can I use a stroller in the March for a baby or young Child?

    No! This is a policy by the NSW RSL and the ANZAC Day March Committee that no prams/strollers are in the march. The Descendants of WWII and Post WWII follow this policy strictly and you will be asked to leave the stroller with a family Member or you will be denied the opportunity to march.

  7. What is the minimium age of a child that can March?

    We ask that all Descendants be of a reasonable age to recognise the significance of the march. We are suggesting that children are aged at least 12 years and above. Committee Members of the DOVWWII and March Marshals reserve the right to allow or refuse anybody the to march.


    * We are suggesting that children are aged at least 12 years and above. 


  8. I live in another state? Do you have an Association in my State?

    At the moment there is only one Association for Descendants of Veterans WWII & Post WWII Association Members. If you wish to find out more about starting another Association in another state please contact the Hon. Secretary.

  9. What happens if it is raining?

    The Association Marches rain, hail or shine. If you are still not sure please contact the Hon. Secretary.

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  1. How do I Join the Association?

    Membership is open to any Descendant of a World War II or Post World War II Veteran.  Go to our page Membership Page for more information.

  2. Can my son or daughter join the Association?

    Yes they can join. But the Age of participant in the Anzac Day March must be in accordance with Returned and ServicesLeague of Australia (NSW Branch) Guideline. This is at least 10 yearsof age. All children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. DoVWWII would advise that the child should be at least 12 and have a reasonable understanding of the purpose behind the march.

  3. What do I get for my Membership?

    On approval of your Membership you will receive an identifying organisation pin and the opportunity to March in the Sydney ANZAC Day Rememberance March.

  4. How much does it cost to join the Association?

    Membership is currently free to all Members. The Committee reserves the right to change this policy depending on funding from Member Donations and Corporate Donations.

  5. How can I update my contact details?

    We have an easy online form that can be filled out in under a Minute. Click Here

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  1. How can I donate money to the Association?

    The Descendants of Veterans WWII and Post WWII Association is a Non Profit Association INC. Because we do not ask our Members to pay a Membership Fee we do rely on Donations from our Members.

    Go to our Donations Page for more information. Click Here.

  2. Corporate Sponsorship

    Do you own a Business or do you know someone that may own a Business that could be interested in becoming a Sponsor to our Association.

    Please go to the Donation Page. Click Here.

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  1. Can I join the Committee?

    We are allways looking for new Committee Members. Please contact the Hon. Secretary on the Contact Us Page.

  2. How often does the Committee Meet?

    The Committee Meets four times a year 3 Committee Meetings and 1 AGM.

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